Born and raised in Pakistan, residing in the bay area, believing that art is a vehicle of change, and seeing how software appears to be inaccessible, Rayyan walks a mission to open up avenues of creativity to those who need it.

  • What Can I Teach You Using Blender?
    • Live Music Visualization for DJ’s & Raves
    • Product Visualization
    • 3D Printing
    • Jewelry Making
    • Mock-ups
    • Landscape & Architecture
    • Video Editing
    • Virtual Photography

“Software & hardware doesn’t have to be expensive, difficult or frustrating. There is a lack of guidance in the space. I am here to change that.”

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Dimensions: Preserved environments in human-dominated worlds

DEC 2022

Dimensions is an internal exploration of a complex world imagined through a lens geometricity as a consequence of growing up indoors in the midst of violent dictators, political instability and post-colonial trauma with only encyclopedias as a way to stay busy.

Hiran Kahani

DEC 2022

Hiran Kahani is a representation of the iridescence of life. With a custom soundtrack made on Ableton Live, the ominous voices in the background reminds of the ever speeding spiral of life. Sometimes spiraling forward, and sometimes backwards and sometimes stuck in strange loops.

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Bee Hive Door Signage

MAR 2023

A signage rapidly designed and visualized in blender. PLACE is a community space centered around building better relationships with the land. The coworking space is a hive for people to work together.

Inside/Out @ Arte Laguna Prize Venice

MAR 2023

Inside-Out – Floating Garden shows how to meet human needs while leaving only a small environmental footprint by offering clean air, food and a place to relax.

Designed and modeled by Sourabh Maheshwary

Graphic rendered for the art competition held in Venice, Italy.

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Open Art Show

MAR 2022

Known as the Tube Man, the model was made through Geometry nodes in Blender, and made print ready in Blender for the SLA 3D printer.

Designed and modeled by Adam Barry

Model redesigned/fixed to be able to be printed in a resin 3D printer.